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Colin E. Davis

Alchemist, artist, speaker, counselor

The world is not coming to an end - the entire human species is undergoing an initiatory transformation.  We need not react in fear, for the organic process will unfold on its own. But for the few who intuit that their awake and mature presence is essential for this transformation, or for those who intuit that they have a special purpose that must be realized in this lifetime, a hero's journey awaits.  

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Every relationship can act as an alchemical retort for the transmutation of shadow into light. The presence of conflict indicates an absolute potential for evolution. Do not open the container, but follow the archetypal steps of transformation. Our inner state shows us where we are in the process. The outer world mirrors our progress.

I am one such individual who has taken it upon himself to map out this alchemical process in his own way, to tell stories, and to personally traverse darkness - in service of myself and all people.  What I bring back, I offer to others for their own use as they see fit. I am a Holon Jumper, zooming into the individual and then out to the environment to see greater flows that connect. "As above, so below", the alchemists always say. I also have a specialization in shadow transmutation - whether in the individual, in relationships or collectives. 

Although psycho-spiritual work is about moving towards inner clarity or perfection, this is not a goal as we often perceive it. It's an organic process that we increasingly accept and open up to. Internal Alchemy is also about inner magicianship, mapping and modeling the universe of the mind which extends in all directions. It's inner archeological work where we dig up old bones and treasures, clean them off to discover what we are made of. Through accepting and understanding our inner depths, we come into a deep sense of meaning and develop our unique purpose in life.  We are in search of the "Philosopher's Stone", which is completely personal and totally universal at the same time. 

I often call my work "social alchemy" because it starts with personal evolution through inner process, which becomes the energetic impetus for collective evolution. The world matures as human beings mature themselves psycho-spiritually. Like classical alchemy, this work is artistic science, where inner communication directs scientific study and experiment. And like all sciences, this is evolving work which incorporates ancient and cutting edge ideas and practices.  

Feel free to browse my articles, audio and video programs.  My book, Shadow Tech is free to download.  If you feel that I could help you by way of a private consultation, feel free to contact me.  If you want to keep up with me through Facebook, please do!  I look forward to your comments, questions and friendship.    

Colin E. Davis

Regular Podcast with Melissa Mari: Living in the Movie  Beginning September 2016!

If you would like to support this work, I encourage you to book a coaching session! Otherwise, I welcome donations to further my work with Melissa Mari. Every dollar of your contribution goes towards the continuance of our research into alchemical psycho-spiritual development and the issuance of free public works like Shadow Tech. In the future, The Imaginal Trust, a non-profit foundation will serve the public. In the meantime, we thank you for your private contribution to our cause!


Articles from my blog:

Amazing art by  Kenn Brown and Alejandro Dini

Amazing art by  Kenn Brown and Alejandro Dini