Colin Evan Davis
b. 1969 Austin, Texas
Artist, Alchemist

Colin live in Holland 2012.jpg

I am a multidisciplinary artist and a metaphysician. I come from a family of artists and spiritual seekers. I took after my grandfather who was a jazz clarinetist and tour manager from New Orleans, only I pursued heavy metal music instead. My band VILE (1996-2013) became a notable American extreme metal band from California, while I simultaneously pursued a career in audio engineering. Today, at my Imperial Mastering studio I record, mix and master heavy metal albums as a specialty. 


As I was growing up, my parents were influenced by the flowering of spiritual, musical and intellectual novelty emerging in the 1960's. Today I continue those explorations, with an emphasis on personal transformation through the principles and process of inner alchemy. The alchemical path, which is rooted in the shaman archetype in the human psyche, has become almost totally lost to modern westerners unless they are familiar with the work of Carl Jung.  For this reason it has taken me decades to fully recognize myself in this role. 

My initiation into the alchemical path began with a dark night of the soul at age thirty-five and a subsequent decade of self analysis, shadow work and inner journeying. Shortly after beginning my relationship with Melissa Mari in 2012, a period of prolific metaphysical experimentation began, culminating with our book Shadow Tech and a series of podcasts, lectures and workshops in support. 

Today I continue on this alchemical trajectory, together with Melissa, as the creators of The 01EXPERIENCE - a multi faceted heavy metal performance which we describe as "LIVE ALCHEMY". 

Politically, I recognize myself as a center-right leaning "progressive-libertarian"

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