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Chronic pain and physical illnesses of all types almost almost always have emotional (psychic) roots.  Physical injuries cause pain, but injuries heal.  Ongoing, chronic, cyclical pain is a different story.  Chronic pain is often linked to a specific physical injury, but the fact that it continues to be a source of cyclical pain is due to psychic factors, according to Dr. John Sarno and many thousands of his patients who have come to understand his theory.  He has written several books abotu his work wiht psychosomatic pain and I, the author of this website have benefited from his work "massively".  A great many people whom I have coached have also become free of chronic pain due to my coahing based on Dr. Sarno's work.

.   Those roots may be deep, requiring ongoing inner work, but rapid partial relief, and sometimes total relief, can be had simply by becoming conscious of the way in which the unconscious mind creates chronic illness and pain.  Unconscious stresses that create chronic pain have many layers.  The upper most layers can be isolated quickly, thereby reducing pain rapidly.  The deeper layers can be worked with over time, slowly getting to the roots and either eliminating the disorder completely or reducing it to a small fraction of its current state. 

According to Dr. John. E. Clarke (2007), in more than half of all medical patients, diagnostic tests cannot find the cause of symptoms because most of them are psychosomatic. Yet physicians continue to send patients for batteries of tests that continue to show nothing,running up enormous bills for insurance companies. Most physicians in the western world are not knowledgeable about psychosomatic illness and do not know what to do about it. Sometimes they will tell the patient that it is all in the mind and may refer them to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, which makes them angry because they feel that their doctor has not been really listening to them. Their pain may originate in the mind or psychic pain might greatly exacerbate the pain of a physical disorder. But in any case, it is not all in the mind. It is in the mindbrainbody. It is psychosomatic.
— https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-mind-body-connection/201412/all-the-rage-film-about-dr-sarno-emotions-and-health
“Remember, the purpose of the pain is to divert attention from what’s going on emotionally and to keep you focused on the body.”
~ Dr. John Sarno, The Mind Body Prescription, p. 148