Refining alchemical gold

The Imaginal Trust Foundation is dedicated to developing and teaching 21st century internal and cultural alchemy. Our highest purpose is to help facilitate the psycho-spiritual maturation of human beings from the inside out. All who deeply aspire to personal and cultural evolution can use our concepts and methods and adapt them to fit their own needs. Our offerings are a public service.

Albert Einstein famously stated that our greatest problems cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created them.  To solve the problems of today requires an entirely different set of perceptual lenses.  When we approach our problems with an alchemical lens, true novelty emerges because alchemy is the archetypal formula for evolution in nature. 

We teach alchemical principles and practices, which themselves were derived  through alchemical practices.  They apply to individuals, relationships and organizations.  Our work with individuals is largely inner development work,  and with organizations, it's conflict management. We counsel, lecture, teach workshops, release information and facilitate in a variety of environments. 

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