Colin E. Davis

Producer, Engineer

I’m a producer, mixer and mastering engineer of metal music. I also teach and consult.

I operate the Imperial Mastering studio where I base my operations.

I first began recording my own band Entropy on a 4 track tape machine in 1994. Then in 1996 I co-produced my next band VILE’s first demo. In the years following I produced and mixed 5 more releases for VILE.

Over the years I have produced, mixed or mastered literally hundreds of metal music releases. Partial listings can be found here and here.

Because I’ve worn every hat in the music production field, I have a high altitude perspective. I understand the roles of musician, recording engineer, mixer and mastering engineer. I strive to produce meticulous recordings, but equally, those that embody the personality of the band and the unique soul of their art.