TRAINING and Private Counsel

With Colin E. Davis and/or Melissa Mari


NEW: 4 week online class plus free introductory class through Depth Psychology Alliance ! Class begins February 11th, Free intro on January 21st, 2017. 
All event info is on the EVENTS page.  



For therapists, healers and advanced practitioners,

I offer regular online training classes featuring the concepts and practices discussed in Shadow Tech. Contact me for dates and details. 

For individuals and couples (all levels), who would like to begin or deepen their inner explorations, and especially access and process destructive energies, I offer counseling in the following areas:

  • Alchemical inner development
  • Personal shadow work
  • Transforming conflict in relationships


My coaching is directed according to your needs. I teach people the exact concepts and practices I use in my own life, or I act as private counselor to assist those who need more personalized guidance. I have been coaching people in various capacities since 2009 and have worked with literally hundreds of people. In our session we use a combination of the following:  

Personal and collective archetypes and their shadow manifestations (R.L. Moore), understanding personal and collective trauma in mind and body, all forms and stages of shadow work discussed in Shadow Tech, understanding down cycles and psychic transformation, alchemical motifs and procedures, deconstruction of projection and repression, interpretation of synchronicities, dream analysis, emotional deep access and clearing (J. Ruskan), Pain Body/psychic parasite isolation and management, decoding and managing the Victim-Victor Cycle in relationships, all concepts and practices discussed in Shadow Tech.

Session rates: 85 USD per hour, or 130 for each 2 hour session. With myself and Melissa Mari: 160 per two hour session. 20 percent discount for 3 or more two hour sessions.  Sessions are in person, over the phone or by Skype. 

Please download the intake form as a Word doc or PDF and e-mail it back when booking a session. Session time is flexible but generally between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. PST California time.  E-mail me for booking. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me to enquire before booking a session. For ongoing coaching, I recommend a 2 hour initial session, with 1 hour follow ups as you see fit.  Single hour "target" sessions are possible. 


I've been working for years to heal deep developmental wounds from my childhood. These wounds have caused me to jump into relationships only to experience intense pain and then run away. This lifestyle has been incredibly unfulfilling. It's easy to want to hide from the wounds and just play at being an adult, but such pretense has never made the anxiety, depression, sadness, or loneliness go away. Since working with Colin, I've learned that there are people who won't run away from the deepest most intense pain inside of me. I couldn't progress without his help and devotion to the developmentally wounded soul. His intelligence, heart, and soul combine to create powerful coaching that yields results that are deeper than any other healing work I've experienced. I've worked with many healers, therapists, and coaches. Many of them are top notch. None of them helped me gain sovereignty over my inner world, understanding my destructive patterns, and the ability to trust that life is a process as profoundly as Colin. Because of Colin, I'm beginning to know I'm loveable. And that not everyone will leave even when I push them away. Colin....there aren't enough words in the universe to define the ramifications of that gift. I'm eternally grateful for you. You're an unbelieveable gift to this world. To anyone who has the honor of working with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. 

Abby Miller, MA

The Self Hypnosis Center for Worldwide Transformation

This is the great path for inner work that many great masters alluded to, we must go inside.  This was the information that finally let me let go of the societal pressure to do 'works' that entail putting all one's energy on changing our outside world - a trap many good people fall into. All the things in your interview finally made sense to what I was feeling about all that relentless, exhausting work to change our outer world, leaving us no energy or time to address our inner needs - needs deemed selfish by our conscious minds and the greater society in general.

- Christina S.