There are as many paths to self realization as there are path makers, and inner journeying is ultimately a solo mission, but we do meet helpers along the way.  If you determine like I did, that the only way you can reach your Grail is to understand and transform your inner darkness, then I may have something for you. 

If you are awake to the "cultural parasitism", but intuit that there is something way deeper than the New World Order, then you may benefit from this work.  


Shadow Technology

For personal and collective coherence

Shadow Tech is available for free as a PDF or as a Kindle or Paperback at the Shadow Tech Book website.

When we study darkness, whether in ourselves or in the culture, we usually do not fall into a black hole. What really happens is that by taking a small dose of the poison, we receive an antidote. I’ve learned this through experience. Through darkness we are born and reborn. The Grail quest leads us through the shadow and ultimately into our highest genius and the full restoration of our hearts.

Subjects explored in Shadow Tech

  • The Zero and the One. The Taoist Yin-Yang symbol is half white and half black for a reason.  Darkness is the creator of light, and light the creator of darkness.  Split Ying-Yang in two, and decipher the active and passive poles of destruction.
  • As Above, So Below - the first maxim of alchemical practice.  An overstated and cliche' term, or a master code for deciphering reality? The Principle of Correspondences or Self-Similarity is our primary meta-map for spiritual navigation. With it, the universe reveals its patterns of relationship, and we keep our balance on the path.
  • The Culture of Mind.  Our paths are bounded by mind and culture, but what are these constructs? They are organic informational operating systems, self-similar and interlocking. Zoom out and watch these ecosystems interface. Wake up to the game beyond the game.   
  • Cultural Parasitism. No confrontation with the personal shadow can be successful while we deny the cultural shadow.  Because they are interlocking, inner archeology coinsides with cultural archeology.  The conspiracy theories of the "main stream" are the mythic substance of the cultural shadow.  Taking the "red pill" is a prerequisite.
  • V is for Virus. Active complexes in the shadow are self-similar to both biological and computer viruses and parasites.  The are ubiquitous and all pervasive; destroying us all, while awakening the alchemists. The devil of this world might more accurately be described as a virus. 
  • The Victim-Victor cycle and the life cycles of our shadow complexes. We all have a "Pain Body" (E. Tolle); an inner ecosystem of destructive programs that feed on the chemicals of anxiety and despair.  Like all living entities, it has a cyclical feeding cycle.  It extends out from the individual into relationships and into culture.
  • Emotional Processing is an adaptation of John Ruskan's process for clearing emotional shadow energy using a trigger as the doorway. An extremely effective process for ventilating and transmuting destructive shadow energies, giving space for our higher potentials to live and breathe.  A very challenging practice, with very beneficial results. 

Reviews (coming in...)  

"This truly is a great book on the ever current and (more than ever) important question of the existence of evil and personal shadow work. I'm quite impressed with the authors erudition, amount of invested study and personal integrity. Would love to read more from this creative couple!" - Vera Groen on Amazon.