About Colin

When I think back, I realize that every subject I was drawn to was just a single course in alchemy. Since the age of 19 - and I'm now 47 - I have been on a quest to evolve myself from the inside out. I've felt continually driven to understand the evolutionary process in self and nature and its opposing destructive force.

Taking after my grandfather who was a New Orleans jazz clarinetist, I became a professional recording and touring musician. My first public works were in the field of extreme metal music, and from there I developed a career in audio engineering and producing. During these years I carried on a side track in metaphysics and a range of other intellectual interests including Jungian psychology, biology, sociology, law and commerce. I'm a polymath.

In 2009 I started a coaching business specifically dedicated to foreclosure procedure, where I coached homeowners and their attorneys in securitization based defenses.

Since 2012, in conjunction with Melissa Mari, my work has been focused on spiritual alchemy and specifically, mapping psychic darkness - as a means of spiritual transformation and to teach others what we've learned.  In 2015 I published a book with Melissa Mari that documents a number of the concepts and practices we use and teach called Shadow Tech - Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective DarknessMelissa and I also conduct a regular podcast abotu our work and views called Living in the Movie.

Music is still very alive in me, and now with Melissa, I produce and perform transformational music and ritual as The 01 Experience. Stay tuned for new the website and forthcoming EP, "The Code".   

I often consult with individuals, couples and groups, giving them alchemical tools for transformation they can use in their own inner practice. I also present and teach workshops online and in public.