The Deep State and the Shadow of the Psyche

The Deep State and the Shadow of the Psyche

By Colin E. Davis

The Deep State is a term that the mainstream public is only now becoming aware of but those who have been researching the dark underbelly of government have used this term and others like it for a very long time.  Today the term is either used to describe entrenched bureaucracy in government or to point to criminal networks within government and society.  The later definition is the one I refer to here. 

The term Deep State is therefore synonymous with “Shadow Government”, “New World Order”, “The Illuminati” and the like.  These are different terms to describe the same criminal ecosystem, which in truth, no one fully understands.

The Deep State is basically a mafia or parasite class of aristocracy whose members use trickery and subterfuge like any parasite or virus. They operate exactly like biological parasites do.  These groups trigger the host organism (society) with false flag operations of various types to create reactions that ultimately benefit the parasite class at the expense of the host (problem-reaction-solution).  These operations deprive the host society of its life energy which is re-channeled to the parasite class. This means political, economic and mental energy.  

Most of us accept that the potential for criminal fraud exists at every level of social organization from city councils to police departments, local business and on and on, but when criminal conspiracies become rampant at the highest levels of power, a hardened culture of criminality grows and will overtake the society like a cancer virus in an organism.  Political, business and religious leaders act as psychological parents for the great majority of people and when their immorality becomes obvious, consciously or unconsciously, the signal is sent to the entire society.  This is when the latent psychopathy in the body politic is activated. 

Those who constitute the leadership of Deep State networks are genetic psychopaths making them capable of the most reprehensible amoral behavior.  Although they are conscious that they are misleading the public, these individuals do not have an objective understanding of their own nature and are themselves living in deep delusion. They are inherently shallow. This makes them even more dangerous, but also vulnerable.  There is one known study of the rise of psychopaths within political culture which is documented in the book Political Ponerology

These groups have always been a hidden feature of civilized societies. They are hidden because the general public lacks the awareness and psychic constitution required to take responsibility for this dark feature of society which has its roots in the public’s very own psyches.  The implications upon the individual are apparently too great for us to come to terms with this reality.  

Those who are capable of understanding this will benefit in some way from this article, while those who cannot will dispense with it right about now.  

In fact, the split between the deep state and mainstream society mirrors the split in the individual mind between the conscious ego and the unconscious shadow.  The reason why there is a Deep State in the first place is because there is such an ecosystem in the human mind.  When this is grasped, the focus of attention can shift (at least partially) from addressing evil “out there” to addressing it “in here” - for this is the only place where the shadow can be neutralized by its assimilation into the conscious ego.  Because the average individual has not yet fathomed the depth of their own internal evil they are unable to see that same potential in others.  Also, a general ignorance of psychology. psychopathy and history keeps them naive to the reality of the Deep State.  A successful parasite is always invisible to the host.  

Defining the shadow.  The shadow, as its known in psychology, especially Jungian psychology, is the sum total of all dark and destructive thoughts, feelings and impulses that we cannot bear to face about ourselves.  

“[The shadow] tends to consist predominantly of the primitive, negative, socially or religiously depreciated human emotions and impulses like sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger or rage, and due to its unenlightened nature [is] completely obscured from consciousness.”  - Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D.  

Every individual has somewhat different shadow contents, but within cultures, individuals share a great amount of the same material. Also, all humans carry very ancient animal impulses (sex, violence, coercion, etc.) that are not assimilable into civilized society.  The shadow is also the domain of active destructive complexes (neuroses) left over from childhood and intergenerational trauma.  Like pathogens, these shadow complexes are communicable throughout society.  Culture is a living ecosystem.  There is a light side to the shadow as well because the individual may repress the creative sources of their own genius which they may not be able to accept about themselves.  This content is equally destructive when it is repressed over a lifetime.  

How the shadow operates: 

Human beings repress, project and displace (sublimate) the contents of their shadows.  Repression is the effect of denial.  As stated above, our conscious minds cannot handle the full “truth” about our own dark nature as individuals or as human beings.  We therefore project our dark impulses onto others who “carry” our shadows for us.  They are our scapegoats.  This is a very simple binary operation of the mind, that we all perform.  That which we cannot accept about ourselves we instead see in others.  We also project our shadows into imaginary entities, for example the devil.  The devil is not a real character but the characteristics of the devil are real, and they live within us all.  

After we have built up enough destructive energy through repression and after we have projected our “demons” onto an external scapegoat, we then take action to move the energy from our psyches.  This is where we turn to protest, to fighting and war. When large groups of people share shadow energies and organize around a common rationale, they become unconscious mobs, active tumors within the body politic.  

    "It is a frightening thought that man also has a shadow side to him, consisting not just of little weaknesses and foibles, but of a positively demonic dynamism. The individual seldom knows anything of this; to him as an individual, it is incredible that he should ever in any circumstances go beyond himself (act unconsciously). But let these harmless creatures form a mass and there emerges a raging monster and each individual is only one tiny cell in the monster’s body, so that for better or worse he must accompany it on its bloody rampages and even assist it to the utmost. Having a dark suspicion of these grim possibilities, man turns a blind eye to the shadow side of human nature.”  - C.G. Jung

If we are not the type of person to displace our darkness outwards through war or social conflict, we turn inwards to destroy ourselves through addictions, which are themselves mental parasites that feed on our repressed darkness.  Of course our destructive actions are always rationalized. Human beings will invent all manner of rationales to justify the harboring and unloading of their shadow energetics.  There is no limit to the rationales human beings will use to displace their shadow energy or to maintain their addictions. 

Let me make myself totally clear now.  The existence and influence of the Deep State in society and all criminality and corruption is the direct result of the public’s denial of the shadow within themselves.  This is because the psyche and the culture are intertwined energetic ecosystems.  The dark, repressed programs of the mind that we refuse to confront and assimilate create their own shadow cancer network throughout society which operates below the threshold of consciousness.  

This is not to say that evil in the world can be totally eliminated simply through inner recognition of the personal shadow, but it is to say that evil cannot easily spread through the mind of an individual who is aware of their own shadow dynamics. It cannot "take them over".  Cells in the body work this same way. A cell becomes immune to a virus by integrating its RNA code so that it can thereafter "see" the virus, but this does not eliminate all viruses from the world.  Nature actually benefits from viruses; they spur evolution.  As cells of the "body politic" ourselves, we must learn to "see" becomming immune to the Deep State's viral activity.  

I also do not state these things thinking that acceptance of the dark side of the psyche is easy.  It is one of the hardest things we can do personally and it takes us all the way back to the foundations of evil in nature.  One existential problem for us all is the denial of a most basic but dark fact of nature that for every movement towards life there is a movement towards death.  The individual who strives for goodness and growth is at the same time creating an “equal and opposite reaction” somewhere in the world that is destructive.  

I may create a beautiful business for myself and my employees, but down the street I have put a competitor into bankruptcy.  If we were to always focus on the destructive consequences of our creative activities, we may never be able to create anything in the first place.  In this way, denial of evil is actually a necessary function for life. The foundational equality of good and evil is a fact of nature that nobody, myself included has the psychic constitution to fully fathom or take responsibility for.  So the split between the shadow and the conscious mind is a survival mechanism in the first place.  But it must be breached for us to evolve past our current state of denial and projection.  

Although evil or the destructive force in the universe is eternal and a direct correlate to life, evil can be mitigated. Besides the practice of shadow awareness,  evil is mitigated in nature through the progression into higher forms of symbiosis.  The more symbiotic one’s relationships are, and the more one’s umbrella of relationships opens, the more evil is mitigated.  But it is never stamped out completely because destruction itself is the actual impetus for novelty, life, creation.  Also symbiosis must first take place in the mind-body of the individual before it can be realized externally in society. If society is fragmented and diseased, it is because the average individual is internally fragmented and diseased.  Which comes first?  Its like the chicken and the egg.    

Every foundational realization about the influence of the shadow of the individual can be applied to the body politic (as above, so below).  The shadow of the body politic, the Deep State, Shadow Government, etc. will ultimately destroy the host society like a necrotrophic parasite.  Then it will be passed on genetically and culturally into the remnants of the dead society when they reconstitute to form a new society.  That society will have inherited the seeds of its own destruction like an organism which passes on a latent virus to its offspring.  For this reason, knowledge of the parasitic shadow is of the highest importance, in our view.  

Although the shadow of the unconscious will always exist as long as the mind is structured the way it is, it can be brought into relative control just as the body’s immune system is capable of bringing pathogens under control.  The civilized world changed dramatically after microscopic pathogens were discovered and it will be greatly changed again when an awareness of the individual shadow and its outer reflections in society are brought into the light.  

This is how the Deep State is cleansed from society.  A parasite cannot live on a host that clearly sees and tracks its behavior.   But a society that manically denies the source of its own evil is a society that cannot ever find peace or balance.  That society will play endless games to avoid its dark reflection.  Once that denial is overcome, the actions of the Deep State will be as clear as day and those cancerous individuals will be cleansed as a matter of course, like a virus when it becomes known to the body.   

For the early explorers, the core work is very hard but as the domain of the shadow of the mind is opened up more, the work becomes easier and society benefits dramatically.  Carl Jung gave the West a basic understanding of the human shadow and its communicable nature over 80 years ago, but society was not capable of taking responsibility at that time.  I highly recommend that we revisit his work on the shadow and that of other Jungians, especially the late Robert L. Moore who focused deeply on the shadow.  

Those who are infected by a disease, once they are diagnosed, have a duty to inoculate themselves, quarantine themselves and to take actions to reduce the possibility of it infecting others.  The same goes for the effects of the individual shadow.  Once we become aware of its destructive and parasitic mechanisms, it is our sacred duty to take personal action to bring the shadow into balance and heal the psyche before expecting the world to change.  We unconsciously know this is true, and that is why denial of the shadow is so pervasive.  The responsibility it presents to us is so great.  

Because its easier to see the shadow "out there" than it is to see it “in here”, the first step towards greater awareness and mitigation of human evil may be to become aware of the ubiquitous Deep State within society and to learn about its ways of working.  But then one needs to become aware of the shadow within themselves and its ways of working.  The thing that changes the world is actual practice, actual “shadow work" that brings the individual into relationship with the personal shadow and the taking of responsibility for one’s own darkness, trauma and internal disorder. 

Yes we must heal ourselves.  How?  The answers come to those who truly seek. The alchemical formula for inner evolution, which Jung called Individuation, presents itself and brings the mind-body into coherence naturally over time when the will to evolve is present and maintained.  Individuation is an uncomfortable but heroic activity.

So as not to leave you hanging, along with my partner Melissa Mari, I have written a book called Shadow Tech which is an effort to bring the shadow of the psyche and its correlates in society into a 21st century model.  It includes actual shadow work practices as well. We offer this work for free as a PDF and in other formats on our website: 



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