Shadow Work is the Key

Shadow Work is the Key

By Colin E. Davis
(originally posted to Facebook on 5-24-2016

If you are seeking enlightenment, inner peace, your higher purpose, etc you can only get there through your shadow. You cannot go around it. There is no shortcut, side passage or angel escort. There is naturally a deep fear that if we go into our darkness, it will consume us. That is not the fear of the true Self, but the reaction of our shadow programs. The vampire dies in the light and will struggle to say away from being illuminated. A parasite will use trickery to maintain its own life cycle, at the expense of the host's life force. Our shadows are like parasitic ecosystems and they are very alive. A good deal of our behavior, beliefs and feelings are influenced by this shadow ecosystem.

We think our thoughts and feelings are all our own, but they are manipulated by shadow complexes, which are personal and communal. If you are seeking higher awareness and are engaged in spiritual work to get there, you will necessarily come into contact with your shadow ecosystem as you wake up more. Of course this is the case. When you zoom out, you see more, and not all that is there is "of the light". If you want greater awareness, shadow awareness comes with it. It’s a trade off. Then, once your "pain body" is in view, you are pretty much committed to processing it. It’s right there, in your face. You didn't see it before, and now you do, so what do you do?

This is where some very challenging work comes in, but as I have been saying lately, it no harder to consciously work with your shadow to transmute it than it is to unconsciously act out its energetic profile. In other words, you are already suffering. You are running destructive cycles, destroying relationships, destroying yourself and the world right now. Thats not all you're doing of course, but its part of your life, and you are suffering because you don't understand the cycles and you are trying desperately to distract away from them or project them on others. When you take up the task of shadow work, the suffering doesn't go away, but is changed from something that happens to you, to something that happens within the boundaries of your awareness.. Let me give you an example.

There was experiment I heard about where two control groups were asked to perform a routine task while being attached to electrodes that would send a small shock into their bodies. One group was not given the power to stop the shocks, which came on randomly. The other group was given a button, in a hard to reach place, that would stop the shocks. The group with no control couldn't handle the irritating shocks and gave up. The group that had the power to control the shocks eventually just allowed them to happen and stopped trying to stop them because the button was difficult to access. So they just allowed the shocks to come and they were not bothered very much by them. It was the fact that they "could" stop them if they wanted to that gave them peace. When you have conscious control over something painful, it loses its power over you and you can deal with it, sometimes with very little suffering. This is the same with shadow work.

Shadow work is difficult, it makes you suffer, but because you are in control of it, you suffer less than just letting your shadow run your life, and eventually, as you do the work, the suffering deceases and the cycles recede. The cave of the shadow is not as scary as the dragon's roar seems to indicate, but if you allow that fear to keep you from going inside, you will never access your treasure. Your purpose will have been thwarted. The dark side wins this round. The choice is yours...or I should say it “can be” yours.

Our work is in supporting those who do decide to go into the cave. We have gone in and are reporting back. What I've said above is what we have found to be true ourselves. Now when we look back at our states of being before we began the work four years ago, we realize that our great progress could never have happened otherwise. Shadow work is the key.