Die a Little to Live a Lot

Die a Little to Live a Lot

By Colin E. Davis
Originally published on Facebook.

Civilizations are living systems, and are subject to cyclical processes. They have life cycles. They live and die. Clearly America is dying, as are many other societies. America seems to be moving into a "dark night of the soul" to suffer a "little death" in order to be born again, as one or more new entities of another kind. Because of our information technology such as the internet, we have a far greater capacity to study the actual effects of the metastasizing tissue of a society as it perishes.

We do not have to die individually, but our fate is linked to our connection to the dying body of society and whether we can break free from it. Clearly there is new life abound, it is manifesting everywhere, but this new life will be stamped out by the destructive forces if those who bring this new life do not understand and respect the archetypal processes of destruction that are taking hold more strongly every day.

Andrew Lobaczeski was a Polish psychiatrist who worked for the Polish government during both Stalin and Hitler's regimes and their possession of Polish society. He and a small group of his professional colleagues conduced an ongoing study of the transformation of their society as psychopaths rose to positions of power and infested all areas of society. He later called this "the ponerization process". Poneros is the Greek word for evil, and his book, which contains this study is called Political Ponerology. It is probably the only book of its kind.

In the book he lays out an entire system for understanding the decline of a society as psychopaths rise to power and how they "spellbind" other less powerful deviants who require permission or an ideological container for their deviance. He states that the genetic "essential psychopath" is about 1/2 of one percent of Judaeo-Christian populations, while other types of psychopaths and sub deviants which are "paranoid", "skitzoid", "characteropathic", and the like team up with them naturally, organically. They are currently reaching truly epidemic proportions in social structures, government, media of all kinds.

"In any society in this world, psychopathic individuals and some of the other deviant types create a ponerogenically active network of common collusions, partially estranged from the community of normal people... Their sense of honor bids them to cheat and revile that ‘other’ human world and its values at every opportunity." (Lobaczewski, 138)

I have discussed false flag events for many years now. These are political events that are staged by covert operations teams inside government agencies and military contractors. A great percentage of well publicized terrorist events are false flag operations, and are psychological warfare. The practice goes back thousands of years. Hitler's burning of his own parliament building to manipulate the public was his own 911 event. His invasion of Poland was based on another lie, that Polish soldiers had attacked Germans at the border, and he hysterically publicized this in the media in order to obtain the public's agreement to invade Poland. This stuff goes all the way back to Rome, at least, probably much further. Currently, we are watching another false flag being unrolled upon the world as a mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida "Gay night club".

Many Americans now accept that the invasion of Iraq, both times was similar in nature, but most Americans do not allow themselves to go down the dark rabbit hole where they might find that "all" significant events which lead to war and to radical changes in political infrastructure, including economic events are staged false flags. In the few cases where they are organic, they are often manipulated for political effect. This is the conclusion that many very well researched and balanced investigators have come to, including myself. The reason why most will not do the research to come to such conclusions is that they are deeply afraid of the despair which may come as they lose their faith in their political leadership and the greater organizing system (matrix). This phenomenon of loving our abusers, sometimes called the "Stockholm Syndrome" applies to all people at all times. Its a function of our current stage of psychological development. I went through it myself, I had to in order to evolve.

To grow up, to Individuate, to become truly empowered by our highest genius requires a falling out of love with our abusive surrogate parents in government, religious affiliation, political leadership and the like. The next phase of healthy society will be created by those who are the most courageous, most adult, most willing to put their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" on the line, like the American founding fathers were. Certainly, we have mythologized them, but they were real people with real courage, who lived life as a sacred practice.

Living life as a sacred practice requires a lot of courage and a lot of FAITH. And it requires a connection to a higher purpose deep in ourselves that is here to evolve individually and to help evolve humanity. Unless that deep longing for evolution is present, we will not be able to muster the WILL to get in and out of the dark, caustic chrysalis that is forming around us. The butterfly is an entirely different kind of organism than the lowly caterpillar, which is only concerned with consuming and growing (Americans). The process of spiritual evolution, which is the process that MUST be taken on for us to have anything to do with the future is very challenging work, but for the Imaginal Cells of the emerging butterfly, its all there is to do.