A spiritually informed, anti establishment Progressive-Libertarian manifesto

Originally published May 2017 on Facebook.

A Progressive-Libertarian, centrist, anti establishment manifesto. V. 1.0

In order to realize societal health, I take 100 % responsibility for my personal health and inner state, which is a microcosm of the political state. If my inner state is violent, my political state is violent. If my inner state is balanced my world moves towards balance. Political evil emanates from the inner state of humanity, therefore I take responsibility for my own contribution to human destructiveness.

I recognize that the individual must be as free as possible to insure that human genius and progress manifests in the world, but that human beings are completely socially dependant and have a duty to their community equally as great as their needs for independence. A continual focus upon that balance point is paramount.

Debates about traditional Left vs. Right political concepts are reaching obsolescence. Therefore I am not inclined to regard them as valid solutions to current day problems. I reject “group think” talking points which have a clear history of dividing human beings and blocking rational, constructive discourse.

I remain “in the question”, continually open to modification of my political beliefs, and I “expect” such modification to be difficult. No political idea is sacred to me, although human spiritual truths and maxims that transcend time, culture and political philosophy are to be found and honored as sacred. Some human truths are to be conserved at all costs, others are to be modified with time. I continually focus on this intersection.

I have no right to force my beliefs upon others, but I have a duty to prove their validity in the world. Like a scientific theory, political theories must be proven out in the real world. Small-scale real world results are preferable to unrealized theories. City, state or regional political reforms are preferable to national or global reforms because they take into account the subjective nature of political life for human beings. Successful reforms at the local level will naturally replicate themselves outwardly.

Communication technology has made it possible for people of like mind to organize outside of the boundaries of location. This increases the potential for political evolution and will modify existing political participation. Local and regional reforms inspired by global discourse is a new reality.

Global community is the natural evolution of the human species upon an interconnected Planet Earth. Globalism, though related to Global Community is not the same, but rather a commercial and legal oligarchy. I encourage Global Community, while I work to dismantle global oligarchy. I focus upon this emerging state to insure the greatest symbiosis between global law and commerce, regional sovereignty and individual freedoms. Where global ecological concerns are present, I work towards on-the-ground regional progress, trusting that my success will be mirrored outwardly.

The heath of global civilization is in jeopardy. Political, commercial and cultural disease is rampant. It is to be expected that the status quo political and commercial order is parasitic. Its ideals and political postulations are to be distrusted until proven otherwise. Any new order, at any level, must recognize the current state of cultural disease, across the spectrum of culture, however dark it may appear. It is better to know the depth of cultural disease than to be ignorant of it and unable to take appropriate action. I welcome information that challenges status quo beliefs and shines a light on political and cultural disease.

I recognize that human societies are organs of the global cultural body and that every society has its own unique function and state of equilibrium. I approach other societies with absolute respect for their subjective view of reality and do not seek to dominate or convert them, under any circumstances. I do however retain the right protect my subjective good from chaos emanating from abroad, and I expect to be challenged by those who are not as equitable as I am.

I recognize that most of human cognition is unconscious and that ancient impulses for violence, power, sexual conquest and the like are not ultimately subservient to the rational mind. I expect human beings to act primitively, while realistically working to mature myself and my world.

I recognize that different people, societies, are at different stages of psycho-spiritual-cultural development, that none is objectively superior, but that they are not all compatible. I seek compatibility when possible and protection of my personal/cultural boundaries when necessary.

Healthy leadership is only possible when leaders are psycho-spiritually mature. I mature myself so that I am a better leader, and I expect high-level maturity from those who ask to perform leadership roles for my benefit.

Colin Davis