Viral Conspiracy

Viral Conspiracy

A 21st century alchemical view of the New World Order- Part 1

By Colin E. Davis

The transformation of societies by way of both populist revolution and gradual cultural evolution is an organic and natural process that cannot be simplified down to influence by a single group or class.  But this said, the aim to do such a thing has always been held by those whose existence depends on their abilities to manage entire populations.  There is an elite social science dedicated to the understanding of population management by propaganda and other covert means.  It does not have a single name or a school that teaches a curriculum, but is an ideology of, by and for the royal classes of the civilized world.

There is also a growing research community that seeks to expose the ideology and its purveyors.  The agents of this ideology are often referred to by researchers as the New World Order, Illuminati, or more recently, as Globalists because their ideological aim is to extend their economic and political control globally.  The researchers themselves are referred to in popular culture as “conspiracy theorists”, a pejorative term originally coined by the CIA in 1967 to slander doubters of the official story of U.S. President Kennedy’s assassination.    

The author of this article is one such researcher, who doesn’t theorize that elite conspiracies exist, but rather assumes such dynamics are fully integrated into the fabric of civilized culture, which trace back to the dawn of civilization. This article assumes the reader generally accepts the following: 

Civilization can be seen as being structured pyramidally, not dissimilarly from primate dominance hierarchies according to class, wealth and family bloodline; political and economic power is greatly related to ruthlessness and the ability to navigate social structures by covert means; royal classes depend on trickery, subterfuge and various forms of covert “statecraft” to expand their power and manage the minds and behavior of populations to their benefit; the evolution of human societies and consciousness is directly related to a population’s ability to resist and expose the social control mechanisms of ruling elites.

Investigators may study the organization of elite conspirators from any focal point, but my intention is to describe its nature from a focus much wider than which it is commonly discussed.  By framing the so-called conspiracy through a wider framework, I hope to both prove its existence and help break its spell.

We could zoom out to any level of human organization we like and see if the conspiracy has roots there.  We can look at it through the lens of physical science, biology, psychology or any cognitive map we choose.  What is most important is that we put our awareness up and out of the structures that we commonly frame the conspiracy through, such as, politics, economics, statecraft, family bloodlines and the like.

My angle into the conspiracy is through a systems level or alchemical lens. Many are familiar with the ancient alchemical maxim, As Above, So Below.  This was described quite well in the 1908 text, The Kybalyon, as the Principle of Correspondence.  This law can be physically pictured as a Mandelbrot fractal, where repeating patterns emerge infinitely, although in nature true fractals don’t exist, but “self-similarity” does.  Fundamental patterns in the universe repeat and adapt to fit the context of their state.  For example, the atom, with its polar proton-neutron core and revolving electrons is repeated in solar systems, and again in family units, where polar male-female parental cores support revolving offspring.  These kinds of self-similar patterns exist throughout nature.  When we know this, we have a meta-map for understanding overreaching patterns throughout any system, even an elite conspiracy in human culture.

Before I go further, its important to address culture itself.  If we are talking about a cultural phenomenon, such as an ideology or political movement we should know what culture is, literally.  Interestingly, human culture can be understood similarly to the way the term is used in life sciences.  A culture is a living system that can be grown on a medium or substrate.  We are familiar with yeast cultures or other bacterial cultures that can be grown in Petri dishes.  Human culture is not dissimilar.  It is a living ecosystem of energy and information - literally media - and just like a yeast culture, it’s comprised of individual units, acting in concert.  We human beings are the biological units of societies, but culture, which is an informational construct, is made up of mental patterns which pass through the minds of human beings. 

Culture can be seen as an interlocking ecosystem which organizes the energetics of the human mind into a greater organism we call society. It’s an informational ecosystem, like a living operating system.  Like any ecosystem, for example, a rain forest, its individual members are autonomous, living their own lives in the way they do. But collectively, the rain forest has a greater life cycle which is ongoing and has a trajectory of its own.  Thoughts, feelings and impulses in the human being have their own life cycles, their own purposes within human beings, and when they are shared in the greater community, they become ideologies, philosophies, memes, political constructs and cultural components such as myth, art and music.  The culture is made out of the contents of human minds, and human minds are made out of the contents of culture.  As above, so below. Minds interlock, constituting a living energetic ecosystem we call culture.  No one is outside of culture.  If you use language, if you have dreams, you are constrained to culture. 

If we frame the New World Order within these bounds, we might see it as a small destructive element living within the greater ecosystem of culture - like a semi-autonomous sub-entity or infection.  We might see the conspiracy in terms of a strain of communicable virus or pathogen.  Again, looking through a biological lens, if we study biological relationship profiles such as predation, parasitism, symbiosis and the like, we might classify the conspiracy as parasitic in nature.  When we speak of the New World Order, we are speaking about a parasitic infiltration into the construct of civilized culture.  We are talking about a viral micro-culture which lives covertly, behind the veil of cognitive dissonance. 

Viruses are essentially microscopic parasites.  They commonly enter a cell’s membrane by wearing a false protein mask, a skeleton key of sorts.  Cells have input stations for allowing in molecules that they need for health, and excluding toxins and viruses.  A virus may “wear” a piece of a protein that a target cell normally admits inside, and through this means, trick the cell into letting it in.  Once inside it must overcome other protective immune defenses to eventually enter the cell’s nucleus.  Once inside the inner nucleus, it modifies the cell’s DNA to convert the cell into a hospitable vehicle for the production of more viruses.  Then it reproduces, either through the lytic or lysogenic cycle. In the lytic cycle, the offspring break out in large number, destroying the cell in the process.  In the lysogenic cycle, they allow the cell to live normally, but they covertly hide inside, replicating with the healthy cells until the time when they are populous enough to destroy the host.    

Investigators of the New World Order and its strategies will recognize the nearly exact same type of patterning operating in virus activity.  Lobbyists and other agents of the viral ideology modify the DNA of a nation, its laws and customs, to make the nation more hospitable for the conspirator viruses to breed.  Trust laws, corporate codes, tax codes, economic codes are all modified to prefer specific types of entities that the conspirators use for proliferation and destruction of the host.  There is no limit to the cultural environment in which viral agents can work because the greater culture does not yet have an immune system response that recognizes the behavior of conspirator viruses.  As a culture, we do not yet understand how this phenomenon works, and so we are still victims of infiltration. 

In the same way that a virus will wear a false protein mask, conspiratorial agents use the tactic of false flag operations to effect the same result in a nation.  Traditionally, a false flag is a military tactic where a naval contingent will fly the flag of its enemy to trick them into coming closer.  Once in range, they attack the enemy when they are unprepared.  This tactic has been modified over hundreds of years to include terrorist attacks, public shootings and riots, economic crashes and any number of planned, manipulated acts of chaos which causes the public to react in a way that makes them vulnerable to viral agents. Ordo ab Chao.  A fearful population, which has little understanding of its many options for recourse, will resort to that which is made readily available.  Political agents are at the ready with options for the public to choose.  Through media propaganda, the public selects one of a limited number of choices, and their laws and customs are modified accordingly, which always benefits the virus.  The viral cycle continues on to infect the cultural body more.  Eventually, the body of the nation is destroyed, and the viral agents move on to the next host. 

Interestingly, when the body of a culture is destroyed, many viral agents perish in the process.  We saw this after the destruction of the Third Reich, a literal cultural infection. We saw how some agents were transported into the U.S. and South America.  The ideology or viral code lives on, even while many conspirators perish.  Like any pathogen, the life of the strain is more important than the life of any individual agent.  In the movie the Matrix, Neo could shoot any one agent, but many more would return to replace him.  It is impossible to permanently stop a pathogen by targeting the individual agents. One must get to the underlying source of their RNA code, and learn the methods that they use to enter the host. 

Because the conspiracy operates self-similarly to biological infection by pathogens, we can approach cultural health similarly.  Although commercial vaccinations are highly suspect, the scientific theory of inoculation is valid.  In this technology, we subject the human being to an incapacitated or dead virus.  The body’s immune system immediately surrounds the pathogen, destroys it and learns its RNA code by copying it and keeping it within its own DNA as a reference.  Now, the body knows the code of the virus and cannot be tricked by it in the future.  As long as the body “remembers” the viral code, it is protected.  Inoculations have a half-life and wear off, and the same thing happens in cultures.  Revolutions can occur when members of the society with influence, who are not part of the conspiracy, become aware of its tactics and form a viable defense.  Over time, the memory of the virus in the cultural body fades, and agents alter history to lull the society back to sleep.  Viral operations continue on as they do in any biological host. 

The growing awareness of the New World Order and false flag operations is similar to our increasing awareness of microscopic pathogens which slowly grew after the invention of the microscope.  Before this time, we had no idea about the existence of “germs”.  Whistleblowers, hackers and “deep state” investigators are the T-Lymphocyte cells of the cultural body; its immune system waking up.  The Internet and computer technology has given both viral agents and investigators new tools, but because the Internet is created and maintained by a community that is inherently anti-viral, it has resisted infiltration.  Through the Internet, and now through hacking, the cultural immune system has made great strides.  I am not exposing a secret by saying this.  Viral agents know this very well, but they are incapacitated by their own beliefs and knowledge base. 

Viral agents are intelligent, but only moderately so.  Their greatest power is in secrecy, strict allegiance to the ideology, and subterfuge.  They operate from a somewhat base level of consciousness.  Through ongoing manipulation and censoring of all types of media, they work to lower the awareness of a population so that it is mentally incapacitated and unable to consider more complex options.  The agents themselves are not able to think or feel at consciousness levels of true psychological adulthood.  They are not psychologically mature. They are themselves remarkably unconscious and like Agent Smith in the Matrix made clear to Morpheus, they believe humanity is a virus while they are the cure.  Like us all, they too live in a world of psychological projection.

They unconsciously recognize the public’s natural energy towards evolution and oppose it.  Like viruses, they are tag alongs, learning after the fact, and are not inherently creative.  They themselves evolve as a population thwarts them and learns their behavior.  They adapt to the new state of health.  Ultimately they serve the host if it can survive.  Human physical evolution is now known to be facilitated through its combat with pathogens.  In the same way, our mental and emotional consciousness rises as we become aware of shadow forces and raise our inner states to shift out of their vibration.  This is what spiritual or alchemical inner work is all about.

Many investigators recognize U.S. President Eisenhower’s farewell speech in 1961 as the foundational warning of the spreading infection.  This particular infection goes back as far as civilization itself, and it’s base codes are formed out of the cultural construction of patriarchal civilization, but Eisenhower warned the cultural body that the infection had begun to metastasize.  Science fiction in the 1950’s had already mirrored this awareness, which the cultural body was not consciously able to fathom at the time.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Thing and dystopic stories by writers like Phillip K. Dick exposed the nature of the conspiracy through art.  Science fiction and new myths about the conspirators have grown.  Even ancient myths about this phenomenon like Gnostic Archons and indigenous demons have risen back up to explain our situation.  Studying the conspiracy within a mythic context is not unscientific, but rather is similar to the science of comparative mythology but requires a different set of lenses.  As mythologist Michael Meade has eloquently stated, “Myth is a series of lies that tells the truth.”

Studying the New World Order through a systems level or alchemical lens opens us up to a greater comprehension of our predicament, and illuminates options for defense.  In this article I compared the conspiracy to the behavior of pathogens, but the way in which other types of parasites, including computer viruses control their hosts applies equally.  We can view our predicament through many lenses such as psychology, information technology, mythology, and even through physics where darkness is known as entropy.  When we apply the alchemical maxim As Above, So Below, an infinitely greater meta-map is available to us. 

In part two of this article, I will discuss the psychological components of the infection, viewing it through another systems level lens.  I’ll show how the psychological phenomenon of “the shadow” is related to our predicament and how we are each and all infected and contributing to our own demise. The New World Order virus is not just a physical infection by physical agents, but a mental program that lives within us all.  To the degree we are unable to find and transmute the virus within our own psyches, it lives and grows.  To truly transcend its destructive power is to isolate it within our own minds and engage in inner practices that clarify our own psychic states. 


Invasion of the Body Snatchers Trailer (1978)


Colin E. Davis is the author of Shadow Tech – Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness. He is a multidisciplinary artist and spiritual alchemist.